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ASMG Headquarters
P.O. Box 91
Sunderland, MA 01375
Phone: 413.665.7021

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All States Materials Group was formed in 2007 with the goal of harnessing the strengths and capabilities of our individual member companies and their employees within one unified organization.

However, the roots of the organization took hold over 50 years ago. It was in 1957 that All States Asphalt, Inc. (ASA) was founded by a local entrepreneur in Sunderland, Massachusetts. From 1957 until 1978, ASA was a local business specializing in the application and transportation of liquid asphalt products.

From its humble beginnings as a local business with 10 employees, ASA began its expansion in 1979 by acquiring Adirondack Asphalt, a regional upstate New York company that provided the same products and services as ASA. By 1990, ASA had expanded its operations from the application and transportation business into the production of asphalt emulsions and the operation of asphalt distribution terminals.

ASA was our legacy company, and over the years we have continued to grow our business. Each addition to our family of companies has enabled us to provide a wider array of products and services. However, the most meaningful outcome of each expansion has been the opportunity to welcome new members into our family of companies and to be strengthened by their expertise and dedication to their craft.

The addition of Warner Bros., LLC to the family in 2006 marked a momentous occasion in our history. The Warner Bros. team and culture brought to us knowledge, resources, and experience that have allowed our group to broaden our business into areas such as aggregate supply, bridge deck rehabilitation, and road construction.

The story of All States Materials Group has just begun. Our name represents the unified efforts of our family of companies and their employees to offer high-quality products and services at cost-effective prices. To better serve our customers, we will continue to look for companies with new ideas and experience and invite them into our family.