All States Materials Group








ASMG Headquarters
P.O. Box 91
Sunderland, MA 01375
Phone: 413.665.7021


All States Materials Group offers an assortment of high quality aggregates for all of your construction and paving needs through Trew Stone, LLC. We produce aggregates that meet all required specifications for durability, hardness, shape, gradation and volumetrics.

Our experienced crews keep our plants and production methods in top condition, and they run strict quality control on all our products. Our aggregates are used in industries that range from home and commercial construction to heavy highway construction. We distribute our aggregates throughout western Massachusetts using our dedicated fleet of trucks and state-of-the-art railway terminal.

Aggregates currently available at our Deerfield, MA quarry include the following:

Construction Aggregate

Construction aggregates are typically used in concrete mixtures, pavement, and drainage. Our construction aggregates include:

  • 3/8" trap rock
  • 1/2" trap rock
  • 3/4" trap rock
  • 1 1/2" trap rock

Processed Base Materials

Processed base materials are used for a variety of applications from sub-base to top base. Our processed base materials include:

  • Dense Graded Crushed Stone (Gray & Red)
  • Hard Pak (1 1/8" minus)
  • TRG / Fines Blend
  • Heavy Fines (3/8" minus)
  • Stone Dust (3/16" minus)
  • Driveway Millings

Specialty Products

We offer several types of aggregates for specialty applications including construction and landscaping. Our current specialty products include:

  • 3/4" crushed red stone
  • Unprocessed rip rap (“shot rock”)
  • Processed rip rap
  • Select rip rap (3" - 8" MHD modified rock fill)


Our quarry accepts clean construction materials for recycling. All inbound materials are inspected, and we never accept any type of hazardous or contaminated materials. The current types of materials that we accept include:

  • Clean and dirty blacktop
  • Clean gravel or reclaimed gravel mix
  • Loam
  • Clean fill
  • Concrete rubble (no mesh or rebar)
  • Concrete, non-rubble