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With DE-ICE-IT Ca You'll Get:

  • Faster ice penetration
  • Superior melting power, even at -10º to -20ºF!
  • Reduced corrosion
  • An environmentally friendly solution

DE-ICE-IT Ca combines the unsurpassed melting capacity of calcium chloride with the corrosion inhibiting power of ASMG's proprietary eco-friendly additive. Calcium chloride is the premium ice-melting standard with a eutectic point of -60F! CaCl2 has considerable ice melting ability even at temperatures between -10 and -25 F. Add DE-ICE-IT's ability to inhibit corrosion and its status as a non-toxic substance, and you have the most complete ice-control solution available today!

DE-ICE-IT Ca Inhibits Corrosion

DE-ICE-IT contains a proprietary corrosion inhibitor, which gives it one of the lowest corrosion rates* of any liquid de-icing product on the market today. DE-ICE-IT Ca eliminates much of the detrimental impact traditional de-icing methods have on roads, bridges, and equipment. The result is reduced costs while actually improving de-icing performance!

DE-ICE-IT Corrosion Chart


DE-ICE-IT Ca Is Eco-friendly

Calcium chloride, the active ingredient in DE-ICE-IT, is non-toxic* and is recognized by the FDA as safe. It is a widely used additive found in many foods, and in a variety of agricultural applications.

DE_ICE_IT Non Toxic

ASMG Expertise and Support

At All States Materials Group, we stand ready to work with you to optimize ice-control, reduce corrosion, and protect the environment with innovative solutions such as DE-ICE-IT Ca. Our professional staff will support you with information, expertise, and follow-up to assist you with:

  • Anti-icing preventive applications
  • De-icing direct applications
  • Frost prevention application
  • Pre-wetting applications (salt and sand)

DE-ICE-IT Ca is produced using the highest quality standards and is shipped directly to you ready to use. To learn more call 800-343-9620.