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All States Materials Group's ECOBIT™ is a high performance Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA) binder. It is composed of performance graded (PG) asphalt blended with the proprietary warm mix additive SonneWarmix. The warm mix additive is blended with asphalt at temperatures ranging from 250ºF to 270ºF. The homogeneous mixture delivered to your HMA plant is then storage stable at the same low temperatures for increased cost savings. Another major benefit of ECOBIT™ is that the warm mix additive requires no added equipment or plant modifications and will not change your current mix design requirements. Simply replace the conventional PG binder with the ECOBIT™ PG binder equivalent and seamlessly realize the full potential of Warm Mix Asphalt.

ECOBIT™ Benefits

  • Reduces fuel consumption and green house gas emissions
  • Increases worker health and safety
  • Allows for increased RAP content in the mix design without compromising workability
  • Increases haul distance and extends your paving season
  • Increases available time for compaction enabling greater in-place densities
  • Reduces oxidative aging of the binder
  • No equipment to buy or plant modifications needed


All States Materials Group's ECOBIT™ Warm Mix Asphalt is manufactured at one of our many facilities adhering to strict quality control standards for consistency and performance. Once delivered to the customer's facility, ECOBIT™ can be stored and used much like conventional binder with the added benefit of doing so at lower temperatures. The result is a ready-to-use binder for traditional hot mix plants and placement with conventional HMA paving equipment. Production temperatures are lowered 50ºF to 60ºF, saving fuel and reducing oxidative aging (hardening) of the binder. ECOBIT™ allows you to confidently bid far reaching projects with an increased haul distance capability. The lubricity provided by the additive used in ECOBIT™, allows for superior compaction results with material delivered to the project at 250ºF to 270ºF. If you're looking to increase RAP percentages at your plant without compromising the workability needed for compaction, even at these lower temperatures, then ECOBIT™ may be the answer for you. All of these benefits add up to a smaller carbon footprint for your operations and the communities you live and work in.

Contact us for technical data and information on how you can use ECOBIT™ Warm Mix Asphalt on your next paving project.