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Asphalt Emulsion Tack Coat

Asphalt Emulsions

At All States Materials Group, we have had over 25 years of experience of formulating, manufacturing, and using emulsified asphalt in construction. We use additives to chemically stabilize our emulsions to be stable during storage, transport and application, but to break when wanted on the aggregate to give a strong binder. Our researchers and technicians are constantly improving our formulations to give better controlled curing, better adhesion to aggregates, and higher quality, more durable surface treatments and cold mixes. We run a variety of tests to satisfy ourselves that the emulsions meet all of your specifications, perform consistently well during construction, and give the desired field performance. Our experienced crews keep our plants, terminals and production methods well-maintained, and they run strict quality control on all our products. With available new chemistries, water-based asphalt emulsions can now be used for virtually any asphalt paving application. We produce rapid-setting emulsions for stone and sand seal surface treatments. Our medium setting, mixing grade emulsions are used for cold mix asphalt and stockpileable patch mixes. We formulate slow setting emulsions for specialty applications and for tack. We manufacture latex polymer modified emulsions for heavy-duty applications. And we make special emulsions for unique applications such as paver placed surface treatment and Fibredec stress absorbing membrane interlayer. From our experience, we know how important it is that emulsions meet specifications, that they give consistent performance through distributors, pugmills and other equipment, that they remain stable during storage and transport and that they are at the right temperature for construction.

Benefits of All States Materials Group’s Asphalt Emulsions

  • Eco-friendly water-based materials used at ambient temperatures reduce emissions, fumes and energy needs
  • Our strict quality controls give consistent, quality materials
  • Meet all AASHTO, state and local specifications
  • Delivered on spec, on time, on temperature
  • Cost-effective, versatile paving materials for quality surface treatments, cold mixes, interlayers, tack and a myriad of other special applications

Asphalt Emulsion Uses

Asphalt emulsions can be used for any paving project. We have the expertise to formulate emulsions and run cold mix and surface treatment designs, as well as designs for any specialty application. We provide polymer emulsions for high performance stone seals, for paver placed and FiberMat surface treatments and for stress absorbing membrane interlayers. An effective tack has been shown to be an extremely important component in the strength of successive lifts of asphalt pavement construction. Asphalt emulsions should be kept from freezing, and localized overheating must be avoided. Prolonged contact with air and heat can degrade emulsion quality, and dilution or contaminants in trucks and tanks can destroy the chemically stabilized material. To facilitate proper curing, asphalt emulsions should be used when the weather is warm and with no prospects for rain. Contact us for more information about how our emulsions can help you provide a cost-effective, high quality and well-maintained road network for the driving public, or how we can provide you with an asphalt emulsion for your special application.