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Surface Treatments

Surface treatments are cost-effective methods for protecting aging and new pavements from water and air oxidation while providing good skid resistance and correcting minor surface deficiencies. As preventive maintenance, they renew aging surfaces, protect the underlying pavement structure from moisture deterioration and fill and seal minor surface deficiencies. Pavement management studies show that timely treatments significantly increase roadway longevity and reduce long term costs. In fact, highway departments have found that a regular schedule of treatments is the lowest cost method of providing good quality pavements, with every preventive maintenance dollar saving many times that amount on expensive reconstruction. At All States Materials Group, our quick, quality surface treatment construction reduces road closure time and avoids the costly user delays endured during rehabilitation.

Some bituminous surface treatments are an ideal, low cost solution for improving rural gravel roads with an asphalted surface. Others can be a good solution for correcting and protecting the surfaces of raveling, poorly constructed or segregated hot mix asphalt pavements. And still others can be used to restore skid resistance, reduce noise and improve visibility on Bituminous Concrete Pavements.

Surface treatments should be placed on structurally sound roads with good drainage and no signs of base or sub-base failures. The surface should be in generally good condition, with only low severity surface distresses, depending upon the treatment chosen.

Any quality paving project requires quality materials and quality construction. Surface treatments have many variables. Our years of expertise combine quality materials, well-maintained and state-of-the-art equipment, superior methods and trained, experienced crews to seamlessly provide consistently superior projects. And we always stand behind our work, making sure that you are satisfied.

At All States Materials Group, we supply a number of different surface treatments. We help you with determining the strategy which will provide the best performance for your road, depending upon its current condition, traffic requirements and available funding. Let our professionals help you find the right treatment for your road.

Our surface treatments include: