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Dust Control

Dust Control

The dust on unpaved roads can be tied down and controlled by the application of either calcium chloride or magnesium chloride in a liquid solution. All States Materials Group uses well-calibrated, well-maintained equipment to evenly spray the solutions over newly graded road surfaces. Treatments applied in the spring and fall provide year-long protection. Dust control treatment can significantly reduce the amount of particulates emitted into the air. It is estimated that a single vehicle traveling at thirty miles per hour on a mile of untreated gravel road produces four and one half pounds of dust. But control of dust is just a small part of the benefits of these treatments. The light application of a liquid solution also provides some protection to the road surface, tying down fines and reducing loss of aggregate. Research has shown that untreated gravel roads can lose as much as an inch of aggregate a year, or about 500 tons of material for every mile of untreated road. The liquid solutions that All States uses bond fines to aggregates and absorb moisture from air and road surfaces. With the fines intact, the bonded gravel stabilizes the road crust into a dense, compacted surface. Improved stabilization increases load bearing capacity, firmness and resistance to potholing and other forms of deterioration. Further, they depress the freezing temperature, resulting in less damage from freeze-thaw cycling. They are environmentally safe, with only minimal migration into soil of the liquid solutions that don’t adversely affect plant or animal life.

Dust Control Benefits

  • Improves road safety and visibility
  • Reduces particulates in the air and their adverse health effects
  • Reduces gravel loss and sediment runoff
  • Resists potholing, dusty and muddy conditions
  • Reduces added stone and grading costs
  • Economical treatment for reducing maintenance costs and providing dust-free, well-maintained unpaved road surfaces

The enhanced properties of our dust suppressant liquid solutions translate into a gravel road needing less frequent re-grading and rebuilding, and therefore lower total maintenance costs. You only need minor change to your gravel road maintenance program to incorporate our liquid solutions. As usual, spring means checking and repairing gravel gradation, road crown and drainage. This is also the time for an initial application of about 0.33 gallons of dust suppressant per square yard of road. Call for All States Materials Group’s specially designed liquid distributor truck to uniformly spray your roadway. You will quickly notice the improved riding surface and lack of dust. Our chemicals can also be used in the winter for more effective anti- and de-icing that lowers and enhances rock salt application rates and efficiency and reduces corrosion.

Our dust control liquid solutions include: