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Crack Reducing Interlayer

Hot mix asphalt (HMA) overlays are the traditional method for protecting deteriorating pavements. They strengthen the pavement structure, reduce roughness and restore skid resistance. However, existing cracks in the pavement begin to appear in the new surface within one or two years. It is common to see all cracks reflect through the new overlay in three to five years. According to accepted conventional wisdom, cracks reflect at a rate of one inch per year. To address the problem, pavement designers typically increase overlay thicknesses. When the cracks enable water infiltration, freeze-thaw cycles and repeated loadings cause the asphalt surface to deteriorate at the crack and eventually ravel resulting in roughness and potholing. The most serious problems are poor ride and deterioration of the base structure caused by moisture permeating through the cracked pavement. While no product will stop reflective cracking, it can be retarded with the use of interlayers. All States Materials Group uses some of the newest technologies to construct crack reducing interlayers with asphalts combined with materials such as polymers, fabrics, rubber and fibers that seal, bridge and remain intact while flexing with the cracks.

Benefits of Crack Reducing Interlayers

  • Seal and waterproof existing pavement surface
  • Retard reflective cracking
  • Disrupt pathway for water from surface into the pavement structure
  • Allow thinner lifts of HMA overlays
  • Cost-effective protection for prolonging the service lives of HMA overlays

Interlayers can be used on any asphalt or concrete pavement to be overlaid with HMA, including streets, roads, highways and airfields. Any structure or base problems and severe cracks or potholes should be addressed before interlayer construction. Any quality paving project requires quality materials and quality construction. Our years of expertise combine quality materials, well-maintained and state-of-the-art equipment, superior methods and trained, experienced crews to seamlessly provide consistently superior projects. And we always stand behind our work, making sure that you are satisfied.

At All States Materials Group, we supply a number of different crack reducing interlayers. We help you with determining the strategy which will provide the best performance for your road. Let our professionals help you find the right crack relief interlayer for your paving project. Our crack relief interlayers include: