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Cold Patch Mixes

Cold patch mix asphalt is manufactured in pugmills which blend water-based asphalt emulsions with aggregates according to a laboratory designed job mix formula. They produce a mix that can be trucked and stockpiled for use as needed. The stockpile remains workable for filling those potholes that form in the late winter and early spring. The aggregates may be virgin, or reclaimed asphalt pavement (asphalt millings) may be used to produce a low cost paving material. The cold patch mixes may be manufactured at a central location or the pugmill may be moved to your site. The resiliency of cold-mix products to self-heal with movement from freeze-thaw cycles makes them ideal for durable pothole patching.

Benefits of Cold Patch Mix

  • Can be stockpiled for use as needed; remains workable throughout the year
  • Flexible but strong to withstand temperature fluctuations summer and winter
  • Patching can be done quickly in less than ideal conditions
  • Eco-friendly water-based materials used at ambient temperatures reduce emissions, fumes and energy needs
  • Cost-effective patches to improve ride and prevent further pavement deterioration

The Cold Mix Patch Process

The All States Materials Group laboratory performs a mix design with the project aggregate and the emulsion we formulate to fully coat (and therefore bind) the aggregate to withstand the stresses put on the mix during construction and on the road. The aggregate and gradation is selected for maximum strength. Our experienced operators meter the asphalt and aggregate into the pugmill, which mixes them. The manufactured mix can be stockpiled or transported to your location for immediate use or stockpiling. The area to be patched is cleaned of loose debris and moisture, and preferably air-blown dry. For best results, the distressed area may be tacked with emulsified asphalt to improve the adhesion of the patch. The mix is placed on the sides of the hole first, then the bottom filled in. If the patch is to be hand-tamped, sufficient patch mix should be placed in the hole so that it will be slightly above the road surface. Traffic will eventually compact it to the level of the surface. The patch is then leveled or tamped. If a roller or vibrator compactor is used, the finished patch should be level with the road surface. After compaction, the surface may be lightly sanded to prevent tracking and help tighten the surface bond.

Where and When to Use Cold Patch Mixes

Cold patch mixes may be used year round, but the holes and depressions to be filled should be dry and cleaned of any loose debris. The high quality, durable patches will prevent water from entering and destroying the base. Patch mixes will not cure drainage or base problems. All States Materials Group wants your patches to last and be easy to apply. We combine our many years of experience with controlled lab analysis and research to formulate cold mix patches that satisfy you and the driving public. We also supply cold mixes for stockpiles and your use. Contact us for more information on economical ways to construct, preserve and repair your streets and roads.