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Full Depth Reclamation (FDR)

For roads in need of rehabilitation, the full depth reclamation process uses a reclaimer machine that pulverizes the existing pavement and base materials and mixes them with a stabilizing chemical designed to strengthen the base. All States Materials Group’s Wirtgen WR-2500 and Caterpillar RM-350B traveling rotary reclaimers are capable of pulverizing to depths up to 15 inches, crush the material to a maximum three inch size, and have controlled depth of cut, preventing poor base materials from entering into the recycled mix. The treated materials are then graded and compacted in a series of steps to prepare the base for a new pavement surface. The stabilized base may be surfaced with a surface treatment for low volume roads, it may be covered with structural lifts of hot or cold mix asphalt, or it may be minimally surfaced as part of stage construction, where more structure is added as the demands of increasing traffic dictate. Full depth reclamation builds strength down into pavement without raising the pavement level, corrects base deficiencies, and is an ideal way to widen roads.

Full Depth Reclamation Benefits

  • Strengthens the base, adding traffic bearing capacity
  • Uses existing materials in-place in a true recycling process
  • Builds structure down into road, minimizing realignment
  • Lowers freezing temperature with chemical additives, reducing freeze-thaw cycle damage
  • Can widen existing roads or strengthen shoulders
  • Can be the first step in stage construction
  • Reduces future maintenance costs
  • Low cost technique for long-term improvement of severely distressed roads, extending service life after surfacing

Any poor existing materials are identified for removal during construction. Virgin stone may be added to improve the gradation and strength, and we select and formulate stabilizing materials to be compatible with the existing road material. Our experienced crews use the latest equipment and are trained to note and correct any deficiencies on the project. If necessary, any drainage problems should be addressed, but the reclamation process makes that easy. Full depth reclamation corrects reflective cracking, frost heaves, potholes, grade, cross-section, curb reveal and drainage problems. Reclamation economically repairs serious surface and base deficiencies by recycling your roadway into a strong, dense, stabilized base. At All States Materials Group, we can help you find the cost-effective method to provide the driving public with safe, structurally sound roads.

Our full depth reclamation offerings include: