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FDR with Injected
Asphalt Stabilization

Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) with Injected Asphalt Stabilization is an engineered road rehabilitation process used much like traditional full depth reclamation. The difference between the processes is that by combining injected asphalt emulsion with the reclaimed pavement and base materials, a homogeneous and bound base layer is created. This creates a flexible base with increased structural capacity and greater fatigue resistance compared to an unstabilizedreclaimed base.

The first step in the FDR with emulsion stabilization process is to sample and test the existing pavement and base materials to determine the best application for the road. Once this has been determined, the construction process begins by pulverizing the existing pavement and a portion of the underlying material with a road reclaimer to create a uniformly blended base. The material is then fine graded and compacted to the desired specifications. Following grading and compaction, a second pass with the reclaimer is made with asphalt emulsion injected into the top 3-5 inches of material. The treated material is then fine graded and compacted again to prepare the base for placement of the pavement surface. The stabilized base is typically left to cure for 3 to 5 days before an HMA overlay or surface course is placed.

FDR with Stabilization Benefits

  • Uses existing materials in-place in a true recycling process
  • Provides superior wet tensile strength, increasing trafficbearing capacity
  • Builds structure down into road, minimizing realignment
  • Greater layer flexibility reduces freeze-thaw cycle damage
  • Bituminous materials in the base improve bond to thepavement layer, increasing performance of the overallstructure
  • Reduces future maintenance costs
  • Low cost technique for long-term improvement of severely distressed roads, extending service life after surfacing

FDR with Stabilization Uses

The FDR with emulsion stabilization process can be utilized to address numerous issues that may exist with a road. For roads that have deteriorated beyond routine maintenance and repair, the process allows for existing materials to be recycled in-place, while also significantly adding to the overall strength of the base layer. Through the uniform pulverizing and mixing of the existing materials with the injected emulsion, a consistent base is created across the entire road cross section. Additionally, FDR offers a great opportunity to restore the profile of the road, adjust the road width, and correct drainage issues.

With the improvements achieved through FDR with emulsion stabilization, roadways are able to stand up to significantly greater
traffic demands and extend the overall life of the road. To learn more
about the potential applications for FDR with emulsion stabilization,
contact your All States representative today.