Liquid Anti-Strip Additives

Liquid anti-strip additives aid bitumen binders in the coating of the aggregates that are high in silica content and prone to stripping, which includes many of the granite, quartz and other aggregates used in road construction. 

Liquid anti-strip additives help to prolong pavement life. Moisture is a major factor associated with asphalt deterioration. Moisture damage results in stripping, which is defined as the loss of asphalt-aggregate adhesion, resulting in a substantial reduction in the tensile strength and loss of fine aggregate in the paving materials. Stripping contributes to pavement distresses including potholes, rutting and raveling.

To minimize moisture damage, anti-strip additives are used extensively to enhance asphalt-additive adhesion. Historically, they have been limited to lime-treated aggregates or amine-based liquid anti-strips. But there is an increasing awareness of asphalt pavement failures caused by stripping and the need for improved technologies to effectively combat these issues. Consequently, more highway agencies are requiring and testing the use of next-generation anti-stripping additives.

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