Soil Stabilization

The precursor to a well-built road, soil stabilization alters the physical properties of the soil using physical, chemical or mechanical means to ensure its load-bearing capabilities, increase its shear strength and control its shrink/swell capacity.

Proper soil stabilization is the first step in a road foundation. It increases the road’s tensile strength and weight bearing capabilities, as well as its overall performance. Base stabilization creates hydrophobic surfaces and mass that prevent road failure caused by water penetration by inhibiting the entrance of water into the treated layer.

Products & Descriptions:

At All States Materials Group, we offer TerraSil, which has many benefits, including:

  • Maintains frictional values between silt, sand and clay particle
  • Resists deformation
  • Maintains breathability—water can’t get in, but water vapor can escape
  • Reduced water permeability

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