Calcium Chloride

The unique properties of calcium chloride make it an excellent agent for stabilizing bases, dust control and de-icing pavement surfaces.

  • The application of a 35% water-based solution of CaCl2 or 30% water-based solution of MgCl2 on unpaved roads ties down and provides dust control.
  • The hygroscopic chemicals bond fine materials to aggregates and absorb moisture from air and road surfaces.
  • The moisture prevents unpaved surfaces from becoming dry and dusty. With the fines intact, the bonded gravel stabilizes the road crust into a dense, compacted surface.
  • Improved stabilization increases load bearing capacity, firmness and resistance to potholing and other forms of deterioration.
  • Further, it depresses the freezing temperature, resulting in ice control and less damage from surface freeze-thaw cycling.
  • It makes an excellent anti- and de-icer when sprayed on pavement before, during and after winter storms. Calcium chloride solution is the most effective at lowering the freezing temperature. A study from the Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP) showed that it (as well as salt) was most effective when applied before ice forms.
  • Calcium chloride is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly solution, with only minimal migration of the very low applications into soil that doesn’t adversely affect plant or animal life.


Uses of Calcium Chloride

The 30% to 35% solids water-based solutions may be incorporated into reclaimed materials during full depth reclamation, they may be sprayed by a distributor onto graded, unpaved gravel roads for dust control, and they may be sprayed on pavements before, during and after winter storms to melt ice.

These chemicals should not be applied for dust suppressant or stabilization in the rain, which may wash them away in run-off water. Best results will be obtained when they are applied at the designed rate by a well-calibrated distributor or our truck-mounted saddlebag system for de-icing pavement surfaces.

We supply the corrosion-inhibited products to suit your needs. Contact us for more information.

Benefits of Calcium Road Treatment

  • Improved road safety and visibility
  • Reduced particulates in the air and their adverse health effects
  • Slowed erosion of aggregates
  • Resist potholing, dusty and muddy conditions
  • Reduced added stone and grading costs on unpaved roads
  • Stabilized and strengthened bases when mixed with the existing materials in full depth reclamation processes
  • CaCl2 depresses the freezing temperature of water many times more than salt, and our corrosion-inhibited products are less corrosive for anti- and de-icing (CaCl2 is more effective than MgCl2, lowering the freezing point of water by 60ºF)
  • No sediment problems in tanks, and easy equipment clean-up


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