Services & Treatments

With over 60 years in the asphalt road construction industry, we provide a complete range of pavement maintenance, repair and rehabilitation services and treatments.

Whether your road is only a few years old and ready for a pavement preservation surface treatment, or it is time for major rehabilitation, we have options to fit your needs. Our asphalt pavement services and treatments range from preventative and routine maintenance to hot and cold mix asphalt, and all the way to full-depth reclamation. With our broad experience and service capabilities, as well as the support of our liquid asphalt and construction materials operations, we can ensure that you are able to match the right treatment to your pavement needs.

Regardless of the road maintenance or rehabilitation treatment you need, we understand all the variables involved. Our years of expertise combine quality materials, well-maintained and state-of-the-art equipment, superior methods and trained, experienced crews to seamlessly provide consistently superior projects. And we always stand behind our work, making sure that you are satisfied.


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Please contact your ASMG Representative or for more information on our Services & Treatments, including:

  • Construction specifications
  • Technical articles and documents
  • State and local approvals
  • Customer references
  • Treatment pricing and cost comparisons

We can help you determine the strategy that will provide the best performance for your road, depending upon its current condition, traffic requirements and available funding. Contact us and let our professionals help you find the right services and treatments for your road.

Hot Mix Asphalt Paving

Warner Bros, LLC, Sunderland, MA

All States Asphalt, Winchester, NH

All States Asphalt, Richmond, ME

All States Asphalt, Limerick, ME

Reclamation and Service Treatments

All States Asphalt, Sunderland, MA

All States Asphalt, Richmond, ME