Hot Mix Asphalt Paving

Our decades of experience with a wide variety of mix types and application options allow us to provide the highest quality HMA pavements and overlays. 

Hot mix asphalt paving, also called HMA paving, is the most widely used road construction and maintenance process used in the world. With a wide variety of mix types and application options, HMA pavements and overlays are among the best choices for durable, easily maintained roads, highway construction, parking lots, airfields and airport construction, and beyond.

We recognize that quality paving projects require quality materials and quality construction. Our years of expertise combine quality materials, well-maintained and state-of-the-art equipment, and highly trained, experienced crews and quality control technicians. We also leverage the support of our integrated family of companies that provide knowledge and expertise in the latest asphalt binder, aggregate, and hot mix technologies and methods.

Hot Mix Asphalt Paving Benefits

  • Restores grade and profile of the road
  • Creates a uniform base across the entire width of the roadway
  • Provides an opportunity to correct drainage or underground utility issues
  • Gets below the levels of pavement cracking for long-term solution
  • Stabilizing agents build additional structure into road base and improve freeze/thaw performance

Hot Mix Asphalt Paving Process

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Material Selection
Pavement materials should be selected based on the desired pavement thickness, intended use of the area/roadway, traffic types and volume, and environmental conditions or features.
Surface Preparation
Proper prep includes varying levels or combinations of base selection, grading, full depth reclamation, milling, shim leveling, and sweeping/cleaning of the surface to ensure a good bond.
Tack Application
Application of asphalt emulsion tack to the existing surface prior to paving is critical to help promote a strong bond between the layers of HMA.
Transportation and placement of the hot mix asphalt through the paver to the properly prepared and tacked surface.
Heavy smooth drum rollers and/or rubber-tired rollers follow the paver throughout the process, compacting the HMA while it is hot, and smoothing it once it cools.
Quality Control
Integrated throughout all steps of the process, quality control starts with material selection and continues through the rolling of the HMA. Best practices for HMA construction are applied by experienced and trained employees at each point in the process.

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