Asphalt-Rubber SAM/SAMI (Stress-Absorbing Membrane/InterLayer)

Designed for higher performance and increased durability, an Asphalt-Rubber SAM is perfect for demanding conditions and low to high traffic volume roads.

Asphalt-Rubber SAM is a stress absorbing membrane type of high-performance surface treatment that creates a highly durable wearing surface for demanding pavements. Asphalt-Rubber SAMs are designed for high traffic volume roads, but they are often used on various types of road where a higher performance surface treatment is desired. They are ideal for cracked and raveled surfaces where traffic delays, curb reveal and clearances under bridges and overpasses are a concern.

Asphalt-Rubber SAM durability outperforms conventional hot mix overlays and nearly doubles the life of conventional chip seals. Additionally, the capability to seal the pavement and greatly reduce reflective cracks and the propagation of new cracks make the treatment an extremely cost-effective option over the lifetime of the road surface. The quick return to traffic and ability to sweep the surface immediately after the treatment also offer a positive benefit in locations where traffic concerns exist.

Asphalt-Rubber Benefits

  • Waterproofs the pavement
  • Seals small cracks and imperfections on the existing pavement surface
  • Minimizes loss of curb reveal and alignment; thinner than hot mix overlays
  • Uses recycled material, reduces scrap tire inventories
  • More durable than conventional hot mix overlays
  • Developed for high traffic volume roads
  • Quick construction and traffic return with minimal user delays
  • Long lasting preventive maintenance preserves the value of your structurally sound pavements with distressed surfaces

Asphalt-Rubber SAM Process

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Surface Preparation

Surface PreparationSealing of minor cracks, hot mix leveling to correct surface deformations and cleaning of the surface prior to treatment.

Spray Application of Asphalt Rubber Binder

Spray ApplicationHot spray application of approximately 0.60 gallons per square yard of crumb rubber modified asphalt.

Cover Aggregate Application Rates

Cover Aggregate Placement of approximately 35 pounds per square yard of heated and pre-treated 7/16” cover aggregate.


RollingImmediate rolling for proper orientation and embedment of the cover aggregate into the asphalt rubber binder.

Same Day Sweeping

SweepingImmediate same-day sweeping of excess cover aggregate from roadway.

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