Bonded Wearing Course

Designed for demanding and high-volume applications, bonded wearing course provides a durable, open-graded wearing surface that extends the life of your pavements.

Bonded wearing course (BWC) is a high-performance ultrathin overlay that seals the existing road surface and provides a new, skid-resistant, smooth and thin (5/8” to 3/4”) hot mix asphalt (HMA) wearing course in one simultaneous operation.

BWC provides a durable, open-graded, drainable wearing surface on existing pavements showing signs of aging, surface oxidation and minor rutting to extend the life of your pavements. It is a high-performance surface suitable for all types of asphalt and concrete roads, and has given outstanding performance for several decades as a preventive maintenance on major urban highways as well as residential streets. It is ideal for places where construction delays, overpass clearance, curb reveal, wet weather visibility, tire noise and skid resistance are concerns.

Bonded Wearing Course Benefits

  • Seals and waterproofs existing surface
  • Resists raveling and delamination with superior bonding of the open, ultrathin mix, over asphalt or concrete
  • Restores durable skid resistance while conserving high quality aggregates
  • A proven, durable, ultrathin wearing course in demanding high-traffic/high-speed applications
  • Reduces user delays with quick, one-pass construction and no tracking
  • Immediate traffic return and possible night construction
  • Retains curbs and clearances under bridges and overpasses
  • Reduces tire noise, especially on concrete pavements
  • Reduces back spray, preventing hydroplaning and improving wet weather visibility
  • Long lasting, effective preventive maintenance treatment that extends and preserves underlying pavement structure, yielding lower life cycle costs

Bonded Wearing Course Process

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Surface Preparation
Pre treated RoadSealing of minor cracks, hot mix leveling to correct surface deformations, adjustment of utility structures, milling of keyways and cleaning of the surface prior to treatment.
Single Pass Tack & Paving Application

Tack ApplicationSpray paver application of approximately 0.20 gallons per square yard of polymer modified emulsion and ultrathin (5/8”–3/4”) gap graded hot mix overlay.

RollingImmediate rolling to compact and smooth the hot mix overlay.

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