Fibermat© SAM/SAMI (Stress Absorbing Membrane/Interlayer)

FiberMat® SAM/SAMIs seal and protect structurally sound pavements with aged or distressed surfaces by bridging cracking and providing a resistant surface or interlayer.

FiberMat® SAM/SAMI is a high-performance, stress-absorbing, membrane/interlayer-type surface treatment. It is constructed with a one-pass application of a sandwiched matrix of polymer modified asphalt emulsion, chopped fiberglass fibers and a second layer of emulsion. The strong, adhesive membrane is then covered with high-quality aggregate. The tensile strength of the fibers gives outstanding reinforcement to the surface, bridging cracks and other distresses in the existing pavement.

FiberMat® SAM/SAMI is the ideal, high-performance treatment for correcting and protecting structurally sound pavements with aged or distressed surfaces. Over blacktop or concrete, FiberMat® waterproofs and seals cracked and distressed surfaces, restoring skid resistance and enhancing appearance. It can also be used as an interlayer prior to the placement of a hot mix asphalt overlay.

Fibermat® Benefits

  • Greatly reduces reflective cracking
  • Increases strength with fiberglass fibers, resisting stresses placed on the surface treatment
  • Waterproofs and seals small cracks and imperfections
  • Enriches aged and oxidized asphalt pavements
  • Improves skid resistance
  • Protects underlying pavement from traffic wear
  • Product can be milled or reclaimed and recycled without any construction or production issues

Fibermat® Process

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Surface Preparation

Pre-treated RoadSealing of minor cracks, hot mix leveling to correct surface deformations and cleaning of the surface prior to treatment.

Spray Application of Emulsion

Spray-&-Fiber-ApplicationSpraying of approximately 0.42 gallons per square yard of modified asphalt emulsion in a sandwich around a layer of finely chopped fiberglass fibers.

Cover Aggregate Application

Aggregate-ApplicationPlacement of approximately 20–25 pounds per square yard of 3/8” cover aggregate.


Rolling​Immediate rolling for proper orientation and embedment of the cover aggregate into the emulsion layer.


Finished-SurfaceRemoval of excess cover aggregate by sweeping after 2–5 days of curing

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