Fog Seals

Fog seal applications provide a highly economical preventative maintenance option that seals and protects pavement before or when first signs of distress arrive.

Fog seals are a pavement preservation technique using a light application of diluted asphalt emulsion that helps to seal the existing pavement before signs of distress emerge. When applied early in the lifecycle of pavement, the low cost of the treatment and life extension benefits make fog seals a highly economical preventative maintenance treatment.

When used at the correct time, fog seals can be applied as a mainline treatment to various types of roads from low-volume town roads to high-volume city streets and secondary state roads. The treatment can also be used to preserve and seal the shoulders on higher-volume roadways and interstates, as well as on airport runways and taxiways.

Fog Seal Benefits

  • Seals the existing pavement, preventing air and water intrusion
  • Delays pavement oxidation
  • Stops raveling and aggregate loss
  • Enriches dry pavement
  • Extends asphalt pavement life, reducing required maintenance and saving budget dollars
  • Secures loose aggregate and improves stone retention when applied over chip seal
  • Provides a rich black pavement color after curing, increasing snow melt during the winter months

Fog Seals Process

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Surface Preparation

Pre-treated-SurfaceSealing of minor cracks and cleaning of the surface prior to treatment.

Spray Application

Interstate-ApplicationLight spray application of approximately 0.10 gallons per square yard of a diluted asphalt emulsion.

Fine Aggregate Application

Spray & SandingLight spreader application of approximately 0.5 pounds per square yard of a fine cover aggregate to aid in surface texture.


Finished SurfaceTypical curing in 30 to 60 minutes (sometimes shorter or longer depending on road and atmospheric conditions) prior to returning to traffic.

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