Full Depth Reclamation

For roads in need of pavement rehabilitation and base stabilization, our full depth reclamation process offers an economical, effective treatment option.

Full depth reclamation (FDR) is an economical and effective option for roads in need of pavement rehabilitation and base stabilization. Recycling the existing pavement and materials makes FDR a practical solution when rebuilding a road. Using our state-of-the-art reclaimer machine, we pulverize the existing pavement and underlying gravel materials to create a stronger homogenous base layer.

We offer the following options for full depth reclamation:

  • Conventional FDR
  • FDR with Calcium Chloride (CaCl2) Stabilization
  • FDR with Cement Stabilization
  • FDR with Injected Asphalt Stabilization

Full Depth Reclamation Asphalt Benefits

  • Restores grade and profile of the road
  • Creates a uniform base across the entire width of the roadway
  • Provides an opportunity to correct drainage problems or underground utility issues
  • Gets below the levels of pavement cracking for a long-term solution
  • Stabilizing agents build additional structure into road base and improve freeze/thaw performance

Full depth reclamation corrects reflective cracking, frost heaves, potholes, grade, cross-section, curb reveal and drainage problems. Reclamation economically repairs serious surface and base deficiencies by recycling your roadway into a strong, dense, stabilized base.

Full Depth Reclamation Process

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Pre-Project Evaluation
Sampling & Mix-DesignCoring, sampling and testing to determine the feasibility of the project and the optimum stabilizing chemical additives and job mix formula.
Initial Break

Initital BreakFirst pass of the rotary reclaimer to pulverize and blend the existing hot mix layer with underlying gravel.

Grading and Compaction

GradingRough grading of the pulverized mixture of reclaimed material and rolling to compact new base material.

Addition of Stabilizing Agent (optional)

Stabilized MaterialIf being used, application of chosen stabilizing agent (CaCl2, Cement, or Injected Asphalt) based on appropriate job mix formula.

Fine Grading and Compaction

Finish-GradingFinal grading of the stabilized material and final compaction in preparation for paving or surfacing.

Finish Surfacing

Paved-SurfaceAfter appropriate time for curing (based on stabilizing agent used), placement of hot mix asphalt or final roadway surface.

Our experienced crews use the latest equipment and are trained to note and correct any deficiencies on the project. If necessary, any drainage problems should be addressed, but the reclamation process makes that easy.

We can help you find the most cost-effective method to provide the driving public with safe, structurally sound roads. Contact us for more information.